Saturday, 27 July 2019

NARAZ Herbal Drink- A non alcoholic herbal mixture

Naraz Herbal Mixture, a non alcoholic herbal drink to correct Infertility, low Sperm Count, Menstrual Cramps, diabetes, Early Menopause among others in human body was produced by Naraz Production and Drills Limited.
The product according to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Joseph N. Olawale Elesho came into existence July 2018 and has witnessed several testimonies.
He highlighted the testimonies saying, "Our product has been used by many pastors with a living testimonies. They came for our D Cure product for their clients that are experiencing early menopause or partial barrenness and God Almighty has made it work for them.
“We have others that requested for our product in order to help them correct quick ejaculation, infertility and low Sperm count. We have many couples that uses and are still using our product. They have been giving us good positive results on their health issues. tThis shows that our product is tested, trusted, reliable and effective."
To him, much in take of alcohol destroys immune system and leads to many health issues which was reason why he restricted the product from any form of ethanol/alcoholics.
"I chose not to add ethanol to the product because I know the negative effect it has on the body. Why should I contribute damage to people's health because of the money I want to make. Looking at the present generation, it's obvious that majority believe herbs without alcohol cannot function but it's negative effect on human body is more than what they could imagine. The brain can be affected, heart, liver, the immune system generally will also be affected.
“Naraz Non Alcoholic Herbal Mixture, aka, (Dcure) helps avoid all this health issues and lots more. It helps Boost your Immune System, increase your Sperm Count save you from Menstural cramps and restore your ovary system to avoid instability and early menopause, it will send pile away from you like a magic, your diabetes will reduce to zero level and you will be glad u know this product. So far we have produced more than 1500 cartons and we are still doing more. We cure God heals. At D Cure, your health is our concerns and you can reach us on-08123458684,08055780429 or email us at