Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Flying High on Controlled Explosions

Flying High on Controlled Explosions (Hydrogen)


Recent research has revealed that the dream to attaining a sustainable and seamless air travel will soon come to reality as a team of researchers in Germany flew a plane that emits water vapor into the atmosphere.
The twin-cabin plane known as HY4 uses a hybrid system of hydrogen fuel cells- devices producing an electrical current from a supply of hydrogen and oxygen -- aided by a battery for extra oomph during takeoff, and a lithium battery to fly.
Researchers affirmed that the four-seater aircraft had its maiden flight from Stuttgart Airport in Germany in September. “It's the result of collaboration between aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel, fuel cell specialists Hydrogenics, the University of Ulm and the German Aerospace Center (DLR)'s Institute of Engineering and Thermodynamics,” they said.
"This is the first time that somebody has built an airplane that can carry more than one person and which is driven by hydrogen," Andre Thess, director of the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics at DLR, who sees HY4 as a major leap toward decarbonizing air travel, commented on the development

He added that “Emission-free planes could be the air taxis of the future. The team aims to use fuel cells to power small and medium-sized passenger planes, which could change regional air travel and provide an alternative to carbon-emitting airplanes, buses and trains.
Josef Kallo, HY4 project leader at DLR and a professor at the University of Ulm, thinks we could also see emission-free air taxis flying from city to city within the next 20 years.”
"Say you want to go between Irvine and Ventura in the Los Angeles area. It can take you between one and a half and three hours if there are traffic jams, but by plane it will take you around 35 to 40 minutes.
"And within a controlled airspace you could have a lot of these planes flying around."
The electrical system is also very quiet compared to conventional planes, as it does not have the same loud combustion roar as a jet engine, which makes it ideal for flying near residential areas, Kallo says.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dana Air Cries Over Hike Airport Charges …Begins Daily Flights From Lagos To Owerri

Dana Air Cries Over Hike Airport Charges
…Begins Daily Flights From Lagos To Owerri


Just as Dana Air commenced daily flights from Lagos to Owerri with an introductory online fare of N12, 600 one way, the airline lamented over the challenges facing domestic airlines which includes hike in fuel price, multiple charges and high exchange rate among others.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos today, the airline's Accountable Manager, Mr Obi Mbanuzuo complain about the multiple charges paid by domestic airlines in the country and the negative impact it has on the operations of these airlines.

To him, “These charges have drastic negative impact and if it can be merged or eliminated, it will help the present situation of airlines. As it stands, airlines pay a statutory charge, which is fine, but some other charges, which the airlines need to grapple with, are not even applicable in other climes.’’

He cited cases where airlines peg fares in naira and have to pay for necessary maintenance in hard currency as one of the challenges facing airlines in the country.

Secondly, he continued that "For us as an airline, we are concerned about providing affordable regional air transport services and we will be happy if the government can enter favorable agreements and create policies that will favor domestic airlines so that the burden  will generally reduced on the flying public. This is because flyers bear the burden mostly through fare.”

On another development, the airline's vision, Mbanuzuo said remains to be recognised and respected as Nigeria’s most reliable and customer-friendly airline’ and her mission is ‘to earn the loyalty and respect of its customers by consistently demonstrating its commitment to service and providing affordable regional air transport services that focus on innovation, quality and service excellence.

Obi confirmed that Dana Air currently operates daily flights to Abuja, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Uyo and that the airline will extend its operations to other cities in Nigeria as part of its strategic route expansion plans.
He stated that the airline was committed to providing safe, reliable and pocket friendly service to the flying public.

‘’ We commenced daily flights from Lagos to Owerri and back with an online fare we feel will be suitable for all. The fare is just our way of thanking our loyal guests on Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Uyo routes for visiting our daily to book their tickets," he maintained.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

NCAA Warns Foreign Airlines Against Selling Tickets In Dollar

NCAA Warns Foreign Airlines Against Selling Tickets In Dollar
…Actions Contradict Article 8(4) Of BASA


The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has warned foreign airlines operating in the country to desist from selling tickets in Dollars, as it is contrary to the provisions of the Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) between Nigeria and other countries contained in Article 8 (4).

A statement signed by the General Manager of Public Relations, Mr Sam Adurogboye depicted that the action of these airlines is a flagrant contravention of Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) prerequisite guiding cost of products or services in Nigeria.

Adurogboye in the statement affirmed that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) circular issued on April 17, 2015, directed that “Pricing of any product shall continue to be in Naira only and it is illegal to price or denominate the cost of any product or service (visible or invisible) in any foreign currency.”

NCAA, he said, is hereby seeking the indulgence of those foreign airlines that are declining to accept Nigeria’s local currency- (Naira) as mode of ticket payment, but have blatantly resorted to selling tickets only in foreign currency to stop doing so.

"This is because the foreign airlines' actions are considered insensitive to passengers, who have decided on their own volition to choose the airlines for their travel.

“It is also contrary to the provisions of the Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) between Nigeria and other countries as contained in Article 8 (4)”.
Adurogboye said.

Though, the names of the foreign airlines involved in the act were not made known ,Adurogboye stated that NCAA had written warning letters to the erring airlines to immediately comply with the provisions of BASA and CBN directive, stressing that sales of tickets and services should henceforth be offered to air travellers in Naira without further delay.

He further assured foreign airlines that the Federal Government of Nigeria has taken measures to ameliorate the subsisting foreign exchange issues.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Dana Air Commences Daily Operations to Owerri July 11

Dana Air Commences Daily Operations to Owerri July 11

…Launches ‘Make A Wish’ Promo On Social Media
Nigeria’s first new world carrier, Dana Air, has said that it will resume scheduled operations from Lagos to the Sam Mbakwe International Airport, Owerri, from July 11, 2016.
The addition of Owerri brings the current route network coverage of the airline to five destinations, which includes Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Owerri.
Speaking on the development, Accountable Manager of Dana Air, Obi Mbanuzuo said, ‘’We are greatly delighted to extend our operations to Owerri. Owerri is fast becoming a hub in Nigeria, and we feel very proud to once again extend our award winning service to the good people of Owerri, as we look forward to expanding our operations even further.’’
Obi while assuring business and leisure travelers of pocket-friendly fares, said, “from the 11th of July 2016, we will operate one daily flight from Lagos to Owerri at 7.02am with a return flight at 9am. Commenting further, Obi said the weekend schedule will be slightly different with a flight at 4.02pm and a return at 5.40pm.”
Meanwhile, the airline has launched a promo for members of its frequent flyer programme on social media.
The promo tagged, ‘Make a wish,’ strictly on twitter; entails guests to make any wish ranging from free tickets, extra baggage allowance, discounts, access to lounge, free miles, and the wish will be granted by the airline.
Commenting on the promo, Mbanuzuo, said Dana Air’s vision is to be recognised and respected as Nigeria’s most reliable and customer-friendly airline, adding that the airline would achieve this by consistently demonstrating commitment to service and providing affordable regional air transport services that focus on innovation, quality and service excellence

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Exploiting The Economic Potential Of The Nigerian Aviation Industry  

Exploiting The Economic Potential Of The Nigerian Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is a catalyst for socio-economic development anywhere! It provides the fastest and safest means of transportation of persons and cargo within and between countries thereby promoting commerce and industry, two of the major determinants of the Gross Domestic Product.
Tourism, which today, constitutes the economic mainstay of such countries such as UAE and Ethiopian, is given impetus by air transportation. This perhaps, explains the prominence occupied by Emirates and Ethiopian airlines in the economies of these two countries. And you are tempted to ask, what can any economy do without aviation?
The administration of President Muhammed Buhari has shown, by its recent pronouncements and policies on the aviation industry, that it is ready to exploit the economic potentials of the industry, to stimulate growth in the country’s economy. In his presentation at the last interactive forum with aviation stakeholders in Abuja, the Minister of State, Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, acknowledged that “aviation is pivotal to growth of key economic sectors, certainly not limited to travel and tourism, agricultural production and distribution, rural development, trade and commerce, manufacturing, oil and other non-oil sectors.”
He added that aviation “is that critical tool necessary for economic transformation of any nation. Indeed, the value chain creation by aviation is enormous”. Simply put, the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is well aware of the economic potentials of the aviation industry, its present challenges and how to adequately tackle these challenges, with a mind to making the best of these potentials in the overall interest of the country.
According to Senator Sirika, “the present administration is focusing on issues that will rapidly develop the aviation sector within the shortest possible time”. He highlighted the challenges of the industry and government’s response to them. On global and national security threats from terrorism, he said that government had begun a comprehensive security threat and vulnerability assessment, development of a new security strategy in partnership with international security organisation and procurement of modern, state of the art equipment. These are in addition to the commencement of an airport certification programme and manpower capacity development.
Another major policy thrust of this administration is the concession of the four major international airports in Lagos, Port – Harcourt, Abuja and Kano, after infrastructure upgrade to address the recurring challenge of obsolete airport infrastructure and inadequate capacity. This administration is also poised to establish a national carrier in order to gain optimal benefits from BASA/MASA and minimise capital flight, among other things. The absence of a major Maintenance Repair and Overhaul(MRO) facility in West and Central Africa which is responsible for high cost of aircraft maintenance for Nigerian airlines has necessitated the setting up of a world class MRO facility that will attract clientele from other parts of the world. The MRO, when established will further be encouraged to start manufacturing aircraft parts.
The Federal Government will also facilitate the completion of agro-allied and cargo terminals at designated airports across the country. This move is expected to enhance the country’s foreign exchange earnings, apart from discouraging rural-urban migration and encouraging massive rural development. A major milestone of this administration in the industry is the establishment of an aviation university that would “specifically produce the needed workforce for better efficiency” and curb the absence of high level management staff and research capabilities in the aviation industry.
This Government also intends to establish an Aviation Leasing Company, the first of its type in the country, in order to address the challenges of limited access to capital, high debt profile, inadequate number of aircraft in the fleet of local airlines and high cost of leasing. Government also intends to establish an Aviation Development Bank to enable industry entrepreneurs get long term funding at reasonable interest rates, among other things. In that presentation, Senator Sirika also hinted that the Ministry of Transportation was working with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Ministry of Budget and National Planning and the Ministry of Finance to include local airlines in the priority list of foreign exchange allocation. He also promised that government would sustain the policy of granting duty waivers to local airlines for the importation of aircraft and aircraft spares which he said had “contributed immensely to the survival of (local) airlines.
These policies of the present administration, when fully implemented, have the potential of further unlocking the economic potentials of the country’s aviation industry, making it more “profitable, self-sustaining and beneficial to all stakeholders” according to the Minister.
A sign of what to expect in the industry in future is indicated in the achievements recorded by this administration in the last one year. The flagship of Nigerian airports, the Murtala Muhammed Airport and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja passed a recent ICAO security audit with 96 per cent, apart from Nigeria passing the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit within this period, operation in the control tower at MAKIA, Kano was automated while bomb containment vessels were provided at the Kano and Port-Harcourt Airports, among other numerous achievements.
Yakubu Dati is General Manager, Public Affairs, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Singapore Academy, AFCAC Train Nigeria and 14 Other Countries Safety Inspectors In Lagos

Singapore Academy, AFCAC Train Nigeria and 14 Other Countries Safety Inspectors In Lagos

The African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has trained 40 Safety Inspectors from Nigeria and 14 other African countries in Lagos.
An online statement signed by the General Manager, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA),Public Relations, Mr Sam Adurogboye listed the countries that participated in the five-day Course to include: Burkina- Faso, Cameroon, Niger Republic, Congo, Mali, Cote de Ivoire, Togo, Senegal, Chad, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Gambia and Sierra Leone.
The statement depicted that 40 participants from these countries were in attendance for this maiden edition, adding that Nigeria via the NCAA that played host to the pilot edition of Safety Oversight Inspectors Course (Aerodrome) had the largest number with 16 participants.
A breakdown according to Adurogboye showed that NCAA had 13, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) had three and other 14 African countries completed the number of participants.
The training according to him has as its focus vital areas of Aerodrome Oversight functions some of which includes overview of the states’ Safety Oversight Obligations, Critical Elements of Safety System, Safety Management System(SMS), Airport Emergency Planning, Operational Services and Maintenance Practices, physical characteristics(runways, taxiways, clearways, stop ways and holding bays).
Others are, visual aids for navigation, indicators and signaling devices, markings, lights, signs and markers, Aerodrome operational service, equipment and installations, rescue and fire-fighting, training programme (review, records and documentation), training of apron drivers, runway incursion prevention, wildlife and foreign object damage management inter alia.
Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Director General, NCAA Capt. Muhtar Usman informed the Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) that the essence of the course was to enhance their safety oversight management capacity of aerodromes through a comprehensive system approach.
The DG also posited that this opportunity given to the African continent by delivering the course in Nigeria will enhance better understanding of roles and responsibilities of aerodrome inspectors.
He stated that it was expected that their knowledge of aerodrome certification and surveillance would impact on safety and security of airline operations in Africa.
On training and partnership, the NCAA boss stated that the agency had been a progressive partner with CAAS and AFCAC in different areas, specifically on Human Capital Development, adding that Inspectors of the authority have participated in several courses organised by these bodies and that the most recent was the Dangerous Goods training in Niger Republic.
Usman commended the management of CAAS and AFCAC for granting NCAA the honour and privilege of hosting the course, just as he expressed optimism that the partnership will continue for the mutual benefit of all parties.
The DG thanked the facilitators led by Peter Ray (Lead Instructor), Bernard Yap (Assistant Instructor, CAAS) and Johnnie Lim (Coordinator, CAAS) for success of the training and their expertise in the course delivery.
Other members of the team included the Director of Safety, AFAC, Papa Fall and Public Relations Officer, AFCAC Racky So Mbacky
He also appreciated the interpreters for a wonderful job in ensuring that language did not constitute any barrier to acquisition of knowledge.
The Aerodrome course hitherto offered in Singapore Civil Aviation Academy was taken to Diaspora for the very first time in its existence.
The first offshore location for the course away from Singapore was at the NCAA Conference Facility, Lagos, Nigeria.

US Deportees: 41 Nigerians Arrives Lagos Airport

(Breaking- US Deports 41 Nigerians,Arrives Lagos Airport

A total of 41 Nigerians,who  were today deported from the United States to Nigeria arrived the international wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA),Lagos.
A source told our reporter that the aircraft  that brought the deportees;Miami Ai International arrived the airport at about 1220 hrs.
He added that the 41 deportees were all males and that they were deported for various reasons.
The source stated that nine of the deportees were sent back to Nigeria for drug offence 26 for Police related offences while six were deported for immigration offences.
On hand to receive the deportees according to him were immigration officials from the Lagos Airport Command, the police and other security agencies at the airport.
The development is coming few days after 162 Nigerians voluntary returnees who were stranded in Libya were brought into the country by International Organisation for Migrants (IOM) in collaboration with Nigeria Embassy in Tripoli in a chartered flight.
Attempt to get the Public Relations Officer, Nigerian Immigration Service, Mr Adebola Adetula proved abortive ,as he could not be reached.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

AIB Sets To Review Investigation Of Air Accidents, Incidents Regulations 2006

AIB Sets To Review Investigation Of Air Accidents, Incidents Regulations 2006


The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has declared the necessity to review its 2006 Civil Aviation Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents Regulations

An online statement signed by the Head Public Affairs, AIB, Mr. Tunji Oketunbi, stated that the review became necessary to make its policy be in tandem with its counterparts around the world.

Oketunbi hinted that the review of the existing 2006 policy was pertinent in order for aviation industry in Nigeria to conform to the updated International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO, Standards and Recommended Practices, SARPS.
He also added that the review became necessary in a bid for its policy to be in tandem with its counterparts around the world.
Oketunbi pointed out that the since the current policy formulated in November 2006, there had been series of amendments to accident and incident investigation by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) especially to the Annex 13 of the convention.

He further explained that AIB as one of the leading globally recognised aviation investigators, it could not operate in isolation of global standards and recommended practices.

According to him, “The management has noticed some gaps in the current regulations, which the new one will seek to address. We hereby requested relevant aviation stakeholders like airline operators, professionals, unions, oil companies operating within the sector, individuals with key interest in aviation Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the general public for their valuable contributions on the proposed amendment.”

“We are doing this in conformity with our regulation 22, which reads in part, ‘These regulations shall be amended from time to time to bring them into conformity with the provisions of ICAO Annex 13, any amendment thereto and the Civil Aviation Act.”Oketunbi added.
He stated that the workshop scheduled for Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at the  Westown Hotel, Ikeja,Lagos, would also witness in attendance other top aviation stakeholders and professionals from the Ministry of Transportation, aviation agencies, airlines, concessionaires and private sector.
Oketunbi stated that industry professionals such as aviation lawyer and immediate past President of Aviation Round Table(ART), Capt. Dele Ore and the Managing Director of Aeroconsut Limited, Engr. Babatunde Obadofin would also present papers that would usher in the new policy for accident investigation in the sector.
Chief Executive Officer of AIB, Dr. Felix Abali will present the welcome address while technical directors from AIB are also expected to present papers

Friday, 5 February 2016

AMCON appoints new Manager for Aero Contractors .....dissolves airline board

AMCON appoints new Manager for Aero Contractors
.....dissolves airline board


The Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) has today dissolved the Board for Aero Contractors and appointed a new Manager over the affairs of the airline.

The company disclosed this in a communique made available to journalists adding that it has also engaged a reputable accounting firm to undertake a forensic audit of the airline’s accounts over the last five years.

According to the release, the decision to dissolve the board is coming on the heels of the numerous protests by aviation unions; Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association (ATSSSAN) and the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE) against the management of the company for allegedly mismanaging the embattled airline.

Being the majority shareholder and creditor of Aero Contractors and also as part of its statutory responsibility of acquiring eligible bank assets and putting them to economic use in a profitable manner, the body stated that an industry based management team would be put in place to provide the highest level of professional competence which would ensure a quick repositioning of the company.

"AMCON decided to make changes in the management of the airline to protect the brand heritage of the airline, a very well cherished value. This development was in the public interest to sustain and improve the robust and premium quality service which Aero is known for in the country.

AMCON assured regulatory agencies ,air travellers and stakeholders that it would continue to provide safe flights and excellent service.

“AMCON would like to assure the regulatory authorities, the traveling public and key stakeholders that the airline will continue to operate on the solid foundation of safety and security with excellent customer service. The statement reads.

Presently, AMCON owns 60 per cent of the company with the remaining 40 per cent held by the Ibru family.
It currently provides aviation solutions for the oil and gas industry, in particular and other industries in general, and combines Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, maintenance and logistical support in one package.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Air Cote D’Ivoire begins Flights to Abuja

Air Cote D’Ivoire begins Flights to Abuja


Air Cote D’Ivoire (HF) has concluded plans to connect Nigeria’s Federal Capital, Abuja to its hub airport in Abidjan.
According to the management of the airline, the flight operations to Abuja is aimed at expanding its rapidly growing network and quickly establish itself as the leading carrier in the West and Central African Sub Region.
A statement by the airline, said the service between the two strategic destinations is expected to commence effective February 15, 2016.

This is coming on the heels of its recent launch last month of the delivery of yet another brand new Dash 8-Q400 aircraft.

The recently acquired airliner is one of three new aircrafts expected to join the carrier’s young fleet this year.
A total of three weekly flights will be operated between both destinations in a two class configuration of 7 seat in Business Class and 60 seats in Economy class.
The flights will depart from Abuja on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 09:20am and arrive in Abidjan at 11: 05am and will also depart from Abidjan at 7:25pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to arrive in Abuja at 11:15pm. The above flights will be in addition to its current five flights weekly from Lagos.

The country manager -Nigeria, Mr. Moustapha Fofana stated that: “We thank our customers and partners for their massive support since commencement of our operations into Lagos a year ago. We have been listening to and working assiduously with our travel partners in order to meet the business and leisure needs of our esteemed customers. Connecting the city of Abuja through direct flights to Abidjan will not only open the region to seamless connectivity in the spirit of the Yamoussoukro Decision, but it will also go a long way to foster closer relations between Nigeria and Cote D’Ivoire, offer greater choice to customers, and significantly reduce travel time for passengers.”

Air Cote d’Ivoire is the national carrier of Cote d’Ivoire with a workforce of over 437 employees including more than 58 Pilots, 116 Cabin Crew and 30 Aircraft Engineers operating a young fleet of seven aircrafts comprising three A319s, one A320 and three Dash 8-Q400s.

NCAA suspends Bristow Helicopters Sikorsky S-76C++ Type

NCAA suspends Bristow Helicopters Sikorsky S-76C++ Type


Following the successive mishaps of Bristow Helicopters' operating aircraft Sikorsky S-76C++ Type on the coastal waters of Lagos, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, has Suspended the operation of the airline's Helicopter till further notice.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has suspended th
According to the Director General of NCAA, Capt. Muhtar Usman, the suspension will enable the authority carry out a full scale audit on its operations with particular emphasis on its Sikorsky S-76C++ type.
He made this known while briefing aviation correspondents at NCAA Annex, at the international wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA),Lagos.
The decision, the director general, stated was coming on the heels of the Bristow Helicopters’ controlled ditching yesterday, February 3, 2016, adding that the regulatory body considered it expedient to communicate certain decisions that the authority has taken concerning the incident
These decisions, he stated were without prejudice to the investigations being conducted by the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB),adding that as a matter of fact, it would serve to assist in the entire process.
NCAA, he added would fully support AIB in the investigation.
The regulatory authority, the DG stated viewed with utmost seriousness the successive mishaps of Bristow Helicopters’ operating aircraft SikorskyS-76C++ on the coastal waters of Lagos.
“The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has therefore decided to suspend the operation of the Bristow Helicopters Limited’s Sikorsky S-76C++ type till further notice. This suspension will enable the authority carry out a full scale audit on its operations with particular emphasis on its Sikorsky S-76C++ type.” he said
The Sikorsky S-76 aircraft, according to him is an American medium – size commercial utility helicopter manufactured by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.
The S-76 features twin turbo shaft engines; four-bladed main and tail rotors. It has a retractable landing gear.
Sikorsky’s development began in the mid-1970s with the design goal of providing a medium helicopter for corporate transportation and the oil drilling industry.
The prototype first flew on March 13, 1977, while initial United States Federal Aviation Administration type certification was granted on November 21, 1978.
NCAA recalled that August 12, 2015, a Bristow Helicopter operated Sikorsky S-76 series crashed around Oworonshoki axis in Lagos, adding what this means is that yesterday’s incident is occurring a little over six months after the preceding one.
He pointed out that as a responsible regulatory authority, it was important to stem this rapidity of occurrence and ensure the airline carry out safe operations, adding that the suspension was not to pass a vote of no confidence in the embattled helicopter giant.
In his words, “I must also mention that this suspension of operations for the impending wholesale audit is not a vote of no confidence on the airline. It is to ascertain the adequacy and propriety of the operating aircraft type. This is not new in the industry; it is one of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) all over the world.”
Meanwhile, Bristow said that it would cooperate with NCAA and AIB in its investigation.
“We are continuing to cooperate fully with the NCAA and the Nigerian Accident Investigation Bureau (NAIB) in its investigation concerning the Bristow helicopter that was involved in the controlled water landing near Lagos on Feb. 3, 2016.” Bristow said in an online statement.
Bristow disclosed that all nine passengers and two crew onboard the aircraft (tail number 5N-BQJ) that was involved in a controlled water landing today near Lagos, have arrived at an onshore installation, with only minor injuries being reported at this time.
The rotary wing giant stated that it was cooperating fully with local authorities in its investigation to determine the cause and to begin recovery of the aircraft, which is located approximately 75 nautical miles offshore.
Bristow has established a dedicated telephone hotline for family members of those on board the flight. Family members in Nigeria may call 01-271-6748. Family in the U.S. and Canada may dial toll free +1 (855) 979-7533 or direct toll at +1 (567) 302-7004

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

update 3 on the bristow crash

Bristow Helicopters (Nigeria) Limited, confirmed today in a release made available to aviation journalists that one of its helicopters, was involved in a water landing near Lagos at about 10.25 a.m. local time on return from an offshore platform.

According to the communique, the aircraft, a Sikorsky S-76C++, had departed on a routine crew transfer flight offshore with nine passengers and a crew of two. All persons onboard are accounted for and in the process of being transferred to a nearby installation. The company is in the process of collecting pertinent information and will release more details as soon as it is available.

Bristow Helicopters (Nigeria) Limited provides aviation services to the offshore energy industry, serving major integrated offshore energy companies in Africa’s oil and gas industry. With headquarters located in Lagos, Nigeria, Bristow Group’s Africa region comprises operations in Nigeria, Ghana and affiliate Petroleum Air Services (PAS) in Egypt.

However,Mr Tunji Oketunbi of Accident Investigative Bureau stated that investigation is on going. More details later

update on helicopter crash Atlantic ocean

Spokesperson for the National Emergency Management Agency, Ibrahim Farinloye disclosed that his agency got a distress call this morning and immediately alerted the Nigerian Navy and officers of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) to engage in search and rescue.

The chopper which had eleven passengers on board with a pilot and a cabin crew member sank shortly after the crash. All persons on board were rescued by combined efforts of Navy and NIMASA officials who arrived the scene of the crash on time

The helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean as it was approaching the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos

Helicopter Crashes Into Water With 11 People On Board

Helicopter Crashes Into Water With 11 People On Board

A Bristow Helicopters has crashed with 11 people  made up of nine passengers and two crew on board .
However, a source close to Bristow Helicopters told reporters that it was not a crash but a controlled ditching.
The helicopter  with registration number 5N-BJQ was said to  be  flying from Port Harcourt to Lagos.
According to a controlled ditching is a controlled emergency landing of a helicopter on water. It is prompted by a sudden –on set emergency, where continued safe flight to the nearest adequate landing location of even suitable landing not ascertained.
The crash is coming barely six months after its Sikorsky S-76C with registration number 5N – BDG – 760540 crashed at Oworoshoki of Lagos Lagoon
In the 2015 crash six of the 12 people on board died, while six others survived.
The site of the crash as at the time of compiling the report was yet to be ascertained.
Details Shortly.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Arik Air resumes services to Freetown, Sierra Leone

Arik Air resumes services to Freetown, Sierra Leone

Arik Air, said it would be resuming flight services from Lagos to Freetown, Sierra Leone from February 23, 2016.

Spokesperson for the airline, Mr Banji Ola, made this known today stating that flights from Lagos to Freetown were suspended in July 2014 at the outbreak of the Ebola in some West African nations.

The resumed service will entail a new schedule with flights from Lagos to Freetown now routed via Accra, Ghana. This will be a three weekly flight to be operated on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday using a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation (NG) aircraft configured to carry 20 Business Class and 126 Economy Class passengers.

Outbound flights will depart Lagos at 7:20 am and arrive Accra at 7:20 am. The flight then departs Accra at 8:05 am and arrives in Freetown at 10:30 am. The inbound flight leaves Freetown at 11:15 am and arrives Accra at 1:40 pm. The flight then continues onto Lagos, leaving Accra at 2:25 pm to arrive into Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos at 4:25 pm. All times are local.

Arik Air made its foray into Freetown in June 2009 and had operated uninterrupted until July 2014.

Arik Air’s Managing Director, Mr. Chris Ndulue said of the resumption of flights to Freetown: “Arik Air is the dominant carrier in West and Central Africa and air travelers in this region look up to us to fly them to their destinations. We want to assure our loyal customers on the Lagos-Freetown route that we are back to deliver the safe, secure and reliable services that are the hallmark of Arik Air.”

NAMA partners NEMA, others on live aircraft simulation

Ahead of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) audit coming up in March 2016, the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA)has joined forces with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and other critical stakeholders responsible for managing aviation crisis like the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), NIMASA, Nigerian Air Force, Nigerian Navy, local divers etc in a live aeronautic simulation of an air crash into the Atlantic Ocean at Oworonshoki Sand Beach in Lagos.  Code named “Ja’ Sokun,” the National Aeronautical Search and Rescue Exercise (NASAREX) focused on a disaster that could result from an air crash and create mass casualty incident which requires a coordinated response from all critical stakeholders saddled with the responsibility of managing aviation crisis incidences in Search and Rescue and Epidemic Evacuation Plan , SAREEP.  The mock air crash search and rescue exercise which was largely successful enabled stakeholders to assess their level of preparedness in emergency responses.   Speaking at the end of the exercise, the NEMA Director of Search and Rescue, AVM Charles Otegbade congratulated participants on the “combined effort in achieving an impressive outcome,” even as he assured that “all gaps recorded in the simulation exercise would be closed by the relevant stakeholders.” It will be recalled that a similar Air Crash Simulation exercise was carried out last year on land in Abuja as an annual requirement from the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO.

Royal Air Maroc launches new routes in summer 2016

Royal Air Maroc launches new routes in summer 2016

… connects West Africa to North America

Royal Air Maroc is gearing towards expanding its coast to further allow passengers to have a new feel of their connections. The Moroccan carrier will be connecting from its operating hub in Casablanca to Nairobi Kenya in Africa, Rio De Janeiro Brazil in South America and Washington DC United States of America in North America. According to a statement from the airline, “As part of the development of its international network and connectivity from its Casablanca hub, Royal Air Maroc launch three new Long destinations from summer 2016, Nairobi , Rio De Janeiro and Washington DC. Schedules and days of services programmed for these three new destinations offer good network connectivity and also allows to perfectly connect West Africa to North America for an optimal time to stopover.”

The Nairobi route is proposed to start March 30th, 2016 with service days to be Wednesday and Friday. “Connectivity offered: Europe, Intra-Africa and North America in both directions”.

For the Rio De Janeiro route will commence May 3th, 2016 with Monday, Wednesday and Friday being the service days. On this route, “the transition to 4 frequencies is planned from September 2016.Connectivity offered: Europe, Africa in both directions”.

While the Washington DC route will start on September 10th, 2016 with service days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. “Connectivity offered: Europe, Africa in both directions”.

Buhari's Anti Corruption fight should not be a selective fight-US University DON

Buhari's Anti Corruption fight should not be a selective fight-US University DON


Professor of Communication, Kenth State University, United States, Primus Igboaka, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to go ahead with the anti-corruption fight, but that it should not be a selective fight.

Igboaka made this call while fielding question with journalists at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos yesterday.

He said the President needs to rejuvenate the hope of Nigerians and that he should not be distracted by the comments some people are making as he continues the fight against corruption.

Igboaka, who is also the Coordinator of Transparent Leadership Forum based in Atlanta, affirmed that the body’s goal was to make sure that leaders, who intimidate Nigerian people do not go without punishment and further called for a mass orientation for the Nigerian people on the fight against corruption.

On the importance and role of leadership, Igboaka opines that Nigeria has the greatest brains in the world but that what Nigeria is lacking is leadership.

To him, "Nigeria has the brain to turn the country around but that one of the country’s greatest problems is lack of leadership. This is because leadership is about serving people.

"Leadership is about serving, helping the people and the betterment of a society is not judged by individual wealth but by collective wealth," he argued.

Explaining the motive behind the formation of the Nigeria-USA Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC), Primus said that it was formed to correct the wrong impression that Nigeria is not safe for business as being written and published by American Press and others.

He disclosed that the body has organised business meetings in both Ohio and Washington, adding that in 2012 for example the chamber organised a business forum at Sheraton Hotels in Nigeria and that in that year 24 businesses worth $2.5 billion were brought into the country.

Igboaka added that several United States companies ranging from real estate, transport logistics construction, courier services, and cosmetics others attend the forum.

He further called on the Federal Government to relax the monetary policy on business in the country, lamenting that Nigeria is one of the hardest place to do business.

He stated that while he was in favour of government measures adopted to block the loopholes to prevent corruption, the existing businesses in the country should not be strangulated.

“I have discovered that Nigeria is the hardest place to do business .The Federal Government should create a conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive," he maintained.

Dana Air Rewards flyers on Lagos-Accra-Lagos route

Dana Air Rewards flyers on Lagos-Accra-Lagos route


Nigerian carrier; Dana Air has made known a series of benefits to reward its customers flying on the Lagos – Accra – Lagos route.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Dana Air, Mr Obi Mbanuzuo, who disclosed this, stated that the offer was also tied to its frequent flyer programme, Dana Miles, which would enable passengers flying on the Accra route earn 4,500 miles extra to fly for free on their next trip.

The rewards, he explained would continue throughout the month of February, 2016 and that the offer entails that passengers fly with their partner on a round trip on the Lagos – Accra- Lagos route to get 4500 miles.

This, he further explained is equivalent to a free ticket, while those travelling on the business class stand a chance of being upgraded to silver membership, which is the second highest membership level for passengers, who are able to acquire 9,000 miles within one year on their flight with Dana Air and also enjoy the advantage that the program has to offer.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Dana Air stated that the reward was just the airlines’ way of saying thank you to its loyal passengers on the Accra route and to encourage them to spend this year’s valentine in Accra.

According to him, “This is our own way of appreciating our loyal guests who have embraced our unique flight services on the Accra route and to also encourage couples to enjoy their getaway this valentine in the beautiful city of Accra.”

He continued, “Our guests should also expect more giveaways on our social media platforms and can also participate in our ongoing valentine contest in collaboration with Pulseng on instagram.”

Recalled that Dana Air recently launched daily flight services from Lagos to Accra with an introductory online fare of N22, 000 to boost leisure and business trips from Lagos to Accra.

The airline is reputed for its world-class in-flight service, inventive online products and superior on time performance