Monday, 17 March 2014

2014 Securex to focus on Nigeria’s security challenges


Companies such as Leading commercials, homeland and cyber security, fire protection, safety suppliers among others will be discussing their latest security initiatives, trends, challenges and emerging technologies at the 2014 Securex West Africa trade show.

Over 42 security outfits have confirmed their participation.

Managing Director, Montgomery West Africa, Tori Abiola disclosed this while addressing journalists in Lagos on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

The trade exhibition which is in its fourth edition, Tori said will provide room for participants to discuss hands-on measures as security threat loom within African region.

To her, it would be difficult for the country to attract the quality of investments it seeks if security concerns are not addressed.

She further thanked the Nigerian government for the support it has given the fair so far and affirmed that the security exhibition was in partnership with various security companies both in the country and abroad.

Also speaking, a security expert and consultant to Halogen Security, Col. Raphael Ojo Kadiri gave an insight to reasons activities of the terrorists insurgent is on the increase despite all attempts to curb their criminal act in some part of the country.

Ojo Kadiri identified lack of effective intelligence gathering and execution on the part of government as one of the major problem of the system.

In his words, “There are more industrial security personnel in Nigeria than we have in the state security, and violence is at the door step of every Nigerian but to curb the illicit attitude, every Nigerian need security education and orientation,” he said.

He later urged for a closer coordination and synergy among industrial security outfits and the state security as the country battles terrorism

The best form of security is preventive measure. Beside weapons, the country as a whole needs security orientation and education which will be provided at the Securex trade exhibition,” he added.

The Securex West Africa show is the region’s premiere event for ascertaining information about the latest trends in homeland security and the most advanced technologies for integrating capability across multiple agencies and directorates.
The fair will also feature six in-depth seminars focusing on oil and gas, maritime and naval security, corporate security, transport infrastructure security, counter terrorism and cyber security. Attendees will have the opportunity to examine future trends, identify immediate long and short term needs and uncover up and coming technologies for use in critical areas of commercial and homeland security.